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Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments. Unmatched experience and quality. twenty years of unparalleled customer service.

The Signature 23

the Classic Signature 23

For years, the Signature 23 model traveler harmonium has stood out as the benchmark for folding harmoniums. The Signature 23 is a folding harmonium made to higher standard than anything previously available. This configuration built exclusively for Keshav Music Imports is made to our specifications by DMS of Old Delhi by 7th generation Rajasthani artisans. The cabinet and wind chamber is fabricated using the identical 23B template and the reeds are made from the same sheet brass. The similarity ends there.

The Signature 23 employees a superior method of reflex for the bellows combined with a patented 12 hole breather plate which creates a feather-touch bellows action that is vastly more responsive permitting great sustain without the usual "stiff boggy" feel that other high-sustain harmonium bellows generally suffer from.

The two sets of horizontal reed banks are expertly balanced to give that classic tone but with a more transparent mid-range and great low-end that never sounds muddy. Equal-tuning. Keys are smartly buffed and the hand-polished satin-gloss finish is smooth and refined.

  • 3.5 half octaves
  • 42 notes
  • Multi-fold "Feather-Touch" bellows
  • Five stops
  • Four drones
  • Piano-cut keys
  • Comes with padded harmonium gig bag