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Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments. Unmatched experience and quality. twenty years of unparalleled customer service.



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Sitar no.01

Prof. Kharaj-Pancham Sitar From Shahidali. Fitted with upper toomba made with real pumpkin, superior finish. $1,000.00

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Kharaj Pancham Limited Edition

Burnished Dark Double-toomba Hemraj style sitar with artist-quality ebony bridges. $900.00

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Ustad Shahid Parvez Black Model Sitar from Shahidali

Artist-Grade Gandhar Pancham sitar with ebony bridges from one of India's most respected sitar makers. $900.00 with Fiberglass case.

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Shahidali Studio Model Sitar with built-in Pick-up

Guitar tuners on main strings for super stable tuning. Flat-lower toomba for safe transport. Plug it directly into the board to record, or use it on-stage with effects boxes and amplifier for band setting. $900.00 with Fiberglass Case.

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Kanai Lal Student

Kharaj-Pancham style, fully decorated model with alternative tabli design. A double toomba sitar from Calcutta's best luthiers. $650.00

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Vintage Gayaki Style Sitar - Special Order

This instrument is a perfect replica of an old Rikhi Ram sitar seen in a museum. This style has not been built in many years and is quite unique. Limited production. $1,100.00

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No. 5 Kanai Lal Kharj Pancham Sitar

Professional double gourd sitar with rich wooden engraving on back and front. Artist quality sound. Double toomba. Elegant finish. $750.00

Kanai Lal Ghandhar Pancham Sitar

Professional Gandhar-Pancham (6) string sitar from Calcutta. Professional quality sound and glossy finish. $650.00

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Top quality Surbahar from Miraj


Made out of selected tun wood. Celluloid decoration. Jawari professionally done for Rich bass tone. High-gloss finish. $1,800.00

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Our sitars are now almost exclusively from Shahidali. We offer Gandhar Pancham (Vilayat Khan) style sitars and Kharaj Pancham (Ravi Shankar) style sitars. Kharaj Pancham sitars are more ornate and have an "Open Jawari". Gandhar Pancham sitars are cleaner and simpler with semi-closed jawari.  Kharaj Pancham sitars are more ornate and have an "open jawari". Our studio sitars are great for musicians that want to run the instrument through effects pedals or other processing units and really work well for live performance where standard sitars are difficult to mike effectively. Keshav Music undertakes a limited number of requests for custom built sitars each year. Our maker can build sitars in any style, in concert grade quality at surprisingly affordable prices. Most custom projects take three to five months and all our sitars come with a solid-built fiberglass case at no extra cost.