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Shruti Boxes


Full-Sized Chromatic Shruti Raj Model by Monoj Kumar


Authentic (hand-tuned) MKS shruti box (not a copy) from Calcutta. Pitch-perfect tuning, rich low-end that is deeper and more resonant than shruti boxes twice the size. The butterfly bellows has superior sustain and uses gravity return instead of torsion spring, for long natural decay. Please note: there are many inferior copies of this shruti box available on the internet and we have tried them all continue to feel this is just the best shruti box available on the market. The rich overtones and smooth air delivery of this shruti box have made it the favorite for singers and especially for our friends in the sound healing community. All shruti boxes from Keshav Music are tested and tuned and reeds are polished and edges filed to avoid the possibility of reed buzz or mechanical noises that sometimes occur due to changes in weather or increased or decreased humidity. Shruti Box Video

Keshav Music Imports exclusively carries the Shruti Raj model shruti box from Manoj Kumar Sardar of Calcutta.

The shruti box sounds like a four-note harmonium but utilizes no keyboard.