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Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments. Unmatched experience and quality. twenty years of unparalleled customer service.

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About Mini Travel Harmoniums

Christian Frey

About 15 years ago my friend Shyamdas started trying to find someone to make him a “laptop harmonium”. He went from maker to maker all around India trying to get someone to create a high quality harmonium that would be very small and light to carry around India. They were all pretty terrible until he tried the folks at Paloma. After Shyamdas died - I called the maker and asked him to make me a few of these to sell here at the shop. They were like little jewels with beautiful waxed finish; very refined. But they had very little sustain because the wind-chest was so small and the sound was not very loud. And they were pretty pricey. But a few people purchased them and they became rather popular, despite the deficient sound and short sustain. I carried them for a few years, and the price (determined by the maker) kept going up and up until - I just felt I could not justify charging such top-dollar prices for this little harmonium. In the meantime (as is typically the case) rival shops who’d never seen the model before - started carrying this harmonium and it’s popularity was not lost on the maker who increased the price even more!

In time - I got together with my regular maker in Delhi to create a small travel harmonium that is a tad bigger than the old Shyamdas model, but with a big thick sound, and great sustain - at hundreds of dollars less money than the Shyamdas model (from Paloma). So now I sell the Fatt Baby which I feel gives great value for the money, and is easier on the customer’s pocket.