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The Signature 23 Harmonium As Played By Krishnadas - No "Binas" here.

Christian Frey

          Should you be in the market for a new harmonium, you would not be looking for a Bina. I was formerly the big cheerleader(and largest retailer) for Bina. Why did that change? Because every Bina that came in to my shop, needed an hour and a half, to two and a half hours of labor - before they could legitimately be called playable and in-tune.

         The Signature 23 is built by DMS (formerly DMS-Bina) who were formerly the Export Division of Bina, that is to say, DMS made all the high quality Binas to be sold in Europe and the USA back when Bina gained a reputation for good harmoniums. 

       Then some years back DMS-Bina split in to two different companies.  Which meant that when I was selling Binas from 95' - 02' I was getting all the low quality Binas that were intended for sale only in India.  The Signature 23 and Tilak 23 are built using the original Bina template and the same Bina reeds, but are constructed with much more care and always leave the workshop well-tuned.

          Many people believe that Bina is the "Holy Grail" of harmoniums. But it's not. Krishnadas owns 7 Signature 23s by last count. Yes - when you see him in concert he still has his old Bina that he's had for 20 odd years. That old Bina has literally thousands of dollars of custom labor in performed by Dave at Schneider Guitars. It's a Frankenstein harmonium built from the best parts of 7 or 8 old Binas and DMS models with huge amounts of trick stuff in it. The stock Binas are nothing like the one that KD plays.

90% of all the Bina harmoniums sold in the USA that are still working and sounding good - were custom tweaked and tuned - by me. And I lost money on all of  them. Now I only sell DMS harmoniums (like the Signature 23 and the Tilak 23) made by the cousins of  the Bina family and they come out of the crate - pretty much ready to play.


Nowadays - truly - no reputable dealer sells Bina anymore. Even Jai Uttal who was a devoted Bina guy for decades - got sick of the poor quality and is now playing one of my Tilak 23 models.