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Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments. Unmatched experience and quality. twenty years of unparalleled customer service.

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About Buying Tablas

Christian Frey

A good set of tablas is perhaps one of the trickiest things to come by these days. At one time there were at least four or five respected tabla makers in India one could count on when buying a set. Unfortunately - the popularity of Indian music has not gone unnoticed in India. The result is -that most of the respected tabla makers, have had their heads turned, and have become greedy, and are almost all turning out rubbish tablas made from inferior materials and hastily constructed in order to meet demand for new tabla players in the West. Mukta Das was once a great maker, but is now using multiple sub-contractors to make his tablas, and they are made with no quality control at all, because he sees the tablas as being headed into the hands of ignorant Westerners who won't know the difference. The few makers who still make tablas the slow, old-fashioned way with real integrity, are fully aware of how precious is a good set of tablas, and they are charging accordingly. So prices for good tablas have risen dramatically. If you don't want junk, be prepared to spend in the $500.00 range. Even Zakir Husein has to go to his maker in Bombay and supervise to insure that his tablas are up to his standard. If you've never seen the maestro, check out this tabla solo video. Enjoy!