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Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments. Unmatched experience and quality. twenty years of unparalleled customer service.



The Signature 23


The Signature 23 model traveler harmonium continues to be the benchmark for folding portables. This configuration built exclusively for Keshav Music Imports is made to our specifications by DMS of Old Delhi and is often copied but never matched. Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”. Hand-Tuned In-House.

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Tilak 23 Model


The Tilak 23 harmonium as played in concert by Jai Uttal has the same great sound and dimensions as our Signature 23 model. It has two fewer drones and the bellows opens at the top.  Left-hand technique is unchanged from that of side-fold bellows. Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”.Reeds are Hand-Tuned In-House.. Video

Gandharva Model


Indian Kailwood 3 1/2 Octaves harmonium, 9 stops, 4 extra notes, multi-ifold bellows, premium bass/male reeds. Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”. Hand-Tuned In-House..

Swarloka Model


The Teakwood Swarloka is the favorite of studio musicians looking for a fatter and richer sound not compromised by the smaller windchest in folding models. Solid Burmese Teak - not "Teak Veneer" as found on cheaper lookalike models. This model has full 3 1/4 Octaves, 9 stops, 4 extra notes, bass/male reeds, octave coupler.Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”. Hand-Tuned In-House.

KMI Fatt Baby Mini


The Fatt Baby Mini is a 32 key lightweight travel model with a huge sound and lots of sustain with torsion spring action for easy playing. No drones or stops assures reliability and air-tight windchest. Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”. Hand-Tuned In-House.

DMS 4B-Backpack Model


2 1/2 oct, small, portable harmonium. Full-size keys, double bellows, bass / male reeds, Two stops, one drone, tremolo. Light, easy to carry. Full, uncompromising sound. Ask us about “Three-Pass A-440 tuning”. Hand-Tuned In-House.


Keshav Music now introduces scale-changers from Dutta-Paloma. This is the new world-class, Artist Standard for scale-changers. In 20 years we haven't seen any maker come close to this kind of quality.Paloma's attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. The finish is spectacular and the sound is far more robust than the Paul & Co. You simply won't find any scale-changer at this price that comes close. We sell it with Bass/Male/Male set-up for that big fat sound. Can be custom ordered with any reed combination. In stock model as pictured is $1,700.00 + shipping. Hand-Tuned to A-440, In-House.

Monoj Kumar Concert Quality Scale-Changer

Special-order, highly polished scale-changer model: 9 scales, 3 sets of professional quality reeds, 9 Stops, 5 extra notes. Coupler-fitted, brass fittings, auto-push, high sustain. Limited availability. $1,560.00 Hand-Tuned In-House.


All Harmoniums sold by Keshav Music are inspected and adjusted by Keshav, for maximum sustain, equal-tuned for melodious chords and keyboards are cleaned and sanded for free movement to avoid sticking notes in your harmoniums later down the line. He also polishes and files clean any potential buzzing reeds to avoid potential buzzing due to changes in weather or humidity, all of which takes time, and our prices reflect all the work that goes into selling you a harmonium that will be as trouble free as possible. The DMS SIGNATURE 23 travel model harmonium is our biggest seller - identical to the one played by Krishna Das in all his performances. Our Tilak 23 Model folding harmonium is now played by Jai Uttal. For those interested, a scale-changer harmonium is what is most commonly used to recreate that great Qawwali sound. For scale-changer buyers, all our scale-changers are exclusively made by Dutta for the Paloma company recognized as the make of the most refined scale-changers coming out of India. Unlike any of our competitors, we offer a One-Year in-store warranty on the keyboard and reeds for any of our harmoniums, against sticking keys or buzzing notes. Please note: Keshav Music Imports undertakes a limited number of requests for custom made harmoniums per year. Custom built harmoniums take a minimum of 90 days to complete and must be paid for full in advance.

***Please note: These are "Folk Instruments" and all folk instruments from India will have some minor marring and visual defects. All harmonium sales are final except in the case of damage in shipping or mechanical defect. Exchanges can be made at our discretion - with prior written authorization from Keshav Music Imports